Etienne on Radiooooo

Publié le 23 mars 2021


We are honoured that Etienne Daho has kindly invited us into his eclectic music library. Daho is an iconic figure of 80’s French pop, whose affection for the British indie pop-rock scene helped change the face of French music.
His constant curiosity has led to an impressive exploration of music and ability to continually reinvent his sound. Etienne Daho is an essential, contemporary and unpredictable artist who continues to surprise us still today.

Bon voyage
Team Radiooooo

Radiooooo m’a offert une île. Venez me retrouver pour découvrir, redécouvrir et partager avec moi une partie des chansons préférées de ma discothèque.


Etienne Daho - Radiooooo
Illustration Noémie Ferst



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